Serbia National Football Team

Serbia National Football Team

2018 FIFA World Cup

First Game:2006
Serbia National Football Team | 2018 Squad

The Serbia national football team is the winner of Group D in the European qualification. The Serbians managed to outrun the Wales, Austria and Ireland national football teams in qualifiers, and 8 years later they managed to get into the World Cup again.

The Serbia national football team will take part, in their present status, in their second World Cup. The debut of the Serbians fell on the 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa, and it was not very successful. At the group stage, the Serbians got into Group D where the teams of Germany, Ghana and Australia played also. After unexpected defeat in the first round from the Ghana national football team, Serbia could outplay Germany sensationally, the score was minimal. To get into the play-offs, “The Eagles” must have won Australia, but the Serbians couldn’t make even a draw. The first half came to the end with goalless draw, and in the second half the Serbians could answer with only one goal of Marko Pantelic to two goals of the Australians.

From 1992 to 2010, Serbia and Montenegro performed together under the name of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. Over that period, the Yugoslavs got into round of last 16 in the 1998 FIFA World Cup France which was their maximum success. The Yugoslavs brought to France a quite efficient and eminent national team which, at the group stage, gave the first place to Germany according to only the scored and missed goals difference. Yugoslavia, with the same score of 1:0, outplayed the USA and Iran national football teams, and also drew against Germany, 2:2. Unfortunately, in round of last 16 the Yugoslavs had bad luck. In the match against the Netherlands, at score 1:1, in the 52nd minute Predrag Mijatovic didn’t realize a penalty kick, and within the added to full time minutes the Dutch scored a victorious goal.

From 1930 to 1992 the Serbian football players performed as a part of the united Yugoslavia national football team (consisting of Serbia, Montenegro, Slovenia, Croatia, Kosovo, Macedonia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina). The Yugoslavian football has a long and rich history. Yugoslavia participated already in the first World Cup in 1930 where got into the semi-final. At the group stage, the Yugoslavs outplayed both the outsider — the Bolivia national football team and the tournament favourite — the Brazil national team. But already in the semi-final Yugoslavia was beaten by the tournament hosts — the Uruguay, 1:6.

Another semi-final Yugoslavia could get into in the 1962 FIFA World Cup Chile. In that tournament the Yugoslavs showed an excellent attacking football, but, nevertheless, in the semi-final yielded to the Czechoslovakia national football team. The demoralized Yugoslavia lost again in the third place match (to the hosting national team of Chile).

The Yugoslavian fans had to wait for the next worthy performance for 28 years. In the 1990 FIFA World Cup Italy, Yugoslavia could reach the quarterfinal where, only in a penalty shootout, conceded to the World Cup Champions of that time — the Argentina national football team. That generation of Yugoslavian football players was incredibly talented and, quite perhaps, the Yugoslavia national football team was in for great success in the 1990s, but the Yugoslavia partition into six countries put an end to these ambitions. Only the Croatian national team could reach local achievements, the others ex-Yugoslavian national teams can only dream of the World Cup medals.

Branislav Ivanovic
Branislav Ivanovic

For the today’s Serbia national football team, getting into the FIFA World Cup already became great success. Hardly ever, the Slavoljub Muslin”s players can leave the group. Football pitches in Russia are perfectly familiar to the captain Branislav Ivanovic — today he is on Zenit from St. Petersburg, and also he played on the Moscow Lokomotiv during a long period. The most outstanding figure in the Serbians squad is the midfielder Nemanja Matic representing Manchester United.

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