England National Football Team

England National Football Team

2018 FIFA World Cup

First Game:1872
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The England national football team is qualified for the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia from the first place in Group F of the European qualifications. The British very surely held their qualifying tournament, where they won 8 of 10 matches and drew twice, having missed only three balls. England won an ahead-of-time victory in the group and jumped ahead Slovakia and Scotland by eight points.

The England team is the oldest national team of the world. Their first match the national team played in 1872, when the continental Europe only started developing football. The island neighbors, the Scotland national football team, were opponents of England.

Over many years, the championship of England (the English Premier League) is one of the strongest in the world, and also one of the most fascinating, visited and profitable national tournaments where all world players seek to perform. At the same time, progress of the England national football team in the largest tournaments is very modest. The British regularly confidently overcome qualifying tournaments (of all time, the England national football team only three times (1974, 1978 and 1994) couldn’t get into the World Cup, and five times (1964, 1972, 1976, 1984 and 2008) into the UEFA European Championship). But in the final tournaments Red-Whites always have problems not allowing the team to move forward in the tournament table higher than quarterfinals. It is considered that the British footballers get very tired during the long and saturated season in the English Premier League which adversely affects the players’ physical and psychological condition in the national teams tournaments. Only a few times England got prize awarded, and we will tell about it further.

The England national football team became the winner of the FIFA World Cup once in their history. There was in the far 1966 in the home tournament devoting to the centenary of football on the British Island. In the home tournament the British decided to play a careful defensive football which bore fruit. At the group stage, the England national football team received in opponents the France, Uruguay and Mexico. Red-Whites drew the first match by score 0:0 against the team of Uruguay, then they beat, by identical score 2:0, the France and Mexico national football teams, which allowed them to win the first place in the group. In the quarterfinal the British played against the Argentina. Into the 35th minute of the match, the chief referee absolutely groundlessly sent off the Argentina defender Antonio Rattin. Antonio refused to leave the field, then police officers had to take him away to the changing room. Having appeared in the majority, the British won an advantage and at the end of the match scored a winning goal. In the semifinal the England national football team outplayed the Portugal national team. The British legendary midfielder Bobby Charlton, who scored two goals in this match and who later, in 1966, would get FIFA Ballon d'Or, became the hero of the meeting.

Bobby Charlton
Bobby Charlton

In the final, the England national football team met their most essential opponent — the Germany national football team. The final turned out to be great, and became one of the most memorable and scandalous finals of the World Cups. The first half was an equal battle, where the teams exchanged scored goals. In the second half, into the 78th minute of the match, the tournament hosts came forward, but the Germans wouldn’t be Germans if they gave in ahead of schedule. Into the last minute of the match the Germany team earned a penalty from where they evened the score. Into extra time, the British, nevertheless, could finish pressing the opponent when scored two goals. But the decisive goal the British scored into the 101st minute of the match, which the referee counted beyond the rules. After a kick of the forward of the England national football team Geoffrey Hurst, the ball hit the crossbar, then came off into the goal line and jumped into the field. However, both referees considered the ball to cross the goal line completely and signaled a goal.

Geoffrey Hurst
Geoffrey Hurst

Two English football players became heroes of the World Cup — Bobby Charlton and Geoffry Hurst who made a hat trick in the final and became the top scorer of the national team in the tournament.

In the 1990 World Cup, the England national football team could, for the second time (and the last at the moment), get into the tournament semi-final. The group stage turned out crumple for the British. In three matches Red-Whites could score only two goals and win only one victory, but this victory (over the Egypt national football team) allowed the British to win the first place and to make the play-off. In round of last 16 the British met the Belgium national football team. And again, the match turned out extremely unproductive. The match full time ended by score 0:0, and at the very end of extra time Englishman David Platt scored the only decisive goal in the match. Only the quarterfinal match between the England national football team and the main sensation of the FIFA World Cup Italy — the Cameroon national football team turned out productive. During the match the British conceded, 1:2, but six minutes before the end they could even the score with a penalty. And only into extra time, thanks to another penalty goal, the England national football team broke resistance of the uncompromising Africans.

Gary Lineker
Gary Lineker

In the semifinal England met the Germany national football team. And again, the game with participation of British came to the full time end in a draw. In the middle of the second half, the Germany national team took the lead, and England answered with the goal of Gary Lineker at the end of the game. Into extra time the teams couldn’t score, the match destiny was decided in a penalty shootout where the Germans appeared stronger. In the 3rd place match the British gave way to the tournament hosts, the Italy national football team.

Success of the British in the 1990 FIFA World Cup was mined mostly due to the team combativity and character which was absent in the previous tournaments. Having won only one of seven matches, the British could get into the four strongest teams of the world.

Twice the England national football team won bronze medals in the UEFA European Championships. For the first time it happened in 1968. In Italy, the England national football team arrived in the tournament in the rank of the defending champion of the World Cup. In the European Championship there were only four teams, therefore any team should have had only two victories to win the tournament. In the semi-final the England national football team gave way to Yugoslavia, 0:1, and in the 3rd place match they outplayed the USSR national football team.

The following bronze was mined by the British in the home tournament in 1996. The British won the first place at the group stage, having outplayed Scotland and the Netherlands, and also having drawn against the Switzerland national football team. In the quarterfinal the British outplayed the Spaniards by penalty, but already in the semifinal they conceded to their arch-rival — the German national football team by penalty too.

The today’s England national football team is not good at players selection and professes a pragmatic defensive football. The squad is starring attacking football players Tottenham Dele Alli and Harry Kane, and also the Manchester United young forwards Marcus Rashford and Jesse Lingard.

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