Chile National Football Team

Chile National Football Team

2018 FIFA World Cup

First Game:1910
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The Chile national team will come to the 2017 FIFA Confederations Cup in Russia as current two-time winner of the Copa America, and also one of the strongest world teams at the moment. This tournament will become debut for the Chile national team.

Team history

In the history of the Chile national team there are two periods when the national team achieved the greatest success. The first time happened in 1962 at the home World Cup. That tournament became for the Chileans the third, in two previous the team failed to overcome the group stage. But already in the World Cup 1962 the Chileans became the main opening of the tournament.

The Chile national team of at the home 1962 FIFA World Cup
The Chile national team of at the home 1962 FIFA World Cup

At the group stage the Chile national team got into the same group with the Germany, Italy and Switzerland teams. The Italy and Germany teams were considered as obvious favorites of the group, however, the South Americans were able to win over the Italian football players in the second round. This victory allowed the team to get into the play-off from the second place (a little earlier the Chile national team beat the Switzerland national team). In the quarter-final the Chileans had to meet with the USSR national team which was a favorite who won the European Championship two years earlier. However, the Chileans were stronger than the formidable opponent and won over the Soviet national team by a score of 2:1. In the semi-final Chile met with the invincible at that time the Brazil national team with great Garrincha. The hosts had no chances against the Brazilian machine — 2:4, and Chile goes to the bronze medals match. In the third place match the Chileans won over the Yugoslavia national team by the minimum score, and were able to podium for the first and for the last time in the World Cups.

Next years Chile six times participated in the World Cups, but failed to achieve good results. They had high hopes for the Chileans at the last World Cup in Brazil. It would be wrong to tell that the Reds performed extremely unsuccessfully and showed a bad game. More likely, the Chileans could be angry with a lot which at first placed them in the same “group of death” together with the Spain and the Netherlands teams, and then in the round of last 16 forced them to play with the Brazilian national team which at the home championship was considered as one of the main contenders for victory. As a result, the Chile national team beat the Australia and Spain teams in the tournament, but conceded in the match with the Netherlands. Into the round of last 16 the Chili team got from the second place and played with the Brazilian national team. The Chileans showed excellent football but failed to win within normal time. In a penalty shootout the Brazilians were stronger.

Two victories in a row at the Copa America in 2015 and 2016 became the following outstanding success of the Chile national team. Till 2015 the Chileans at the Copa America became the second four times and five times they won the bronze medals.

The Chileans won the Copa America twice in a row
The Chileans won the Copa America twice in a row

The tournament 2015 became a home one for the Chile national team. The hosts confidently played all matches and conceded no one meeting. In the final of the Copa America the Chileans beat the Argentina national team in a penalty shootout. This success became the first for Chile in such a tournament, but as it appeared, not the last one. Thanks to the victory in the tournament, the national team of Chile received the permit to the 2017 FIFA Confederations Cup.

The following Copa America was not long in coming and was held already a year later. The tournament became extraordinary and was devoted to one century of the first South American Football Championship. The Copa America was held in the USA. The list of participants was increased at the expense of the teams from Central and North America. The Chileans went to this tournament as current winner and the main favorite of the tournament. And Furia Roja completely met these expectations.

At the group stage the lot collected in the same group the finalists of the last tournament: Chile and Argentina. This time the Argentineans were able to take a revenge for defeat in the final — 2:1 in favor of the White and Sky Blue. However, two other teams of the group Bolivia and Panama were within reach of the current Cup Winner — two victories, and the Chile national team from the second place goes to the play-off. In the quarter-final the Chileans unexpectedly smashed the Mexico national team by a score of 7:0, four goals are scored by Eduardo Vargas who under the results of the tournament will become the top goalscorer. In the semi-final Chile confidently beat the Colombia national team and reaches the final where the national team of… Argentina was already waiting. The final 2016 became a practically exact copy of the final 2015 — the boring draw and the victory of the Chile national team in a penalty shootout. Thus, the Chile national team goes to the Confederations Cup as current two-time winner of the Copa America.

Alexis Sanchez
Alexis Sanchez

Chile is a typical Latin American team which prefers to play technical, attacking football. In the Chile national team there is the number of individually strong players, but the main star of the team is Alexis Sanchez, the attacking midfielder of the London Arsenal. Another leader of the team, and also the captain of the national team, is Claudio Bravo, the most skilled goalkeeper.


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