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In all host cities of the 2017 FIFA Confederations Cup and 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia there are tens of car rent services. Here we will tell you how convenient it is, how much it is and how to make car reservation.

Where to rent a car

In the large host cities in Russia there are tens of rent companies. Certainly, is it easier to make searching on the RentalCars. This service independently finds options in the proper city, structures data and displays the clear results. To rent a car you should go to the or use the search form on our website:

How much is car hire

It depends on your preferences to the car class. Now the cheapest cars cost about $30-40 a day, but on days of the football championships, perhaps, it will be more expensive.

Price is growing if you choose a more prestigious car. Also price is influenced by a rent period: the more a period, the lower average price for a day.

What do you need to rent a car

To rent a car you need your passport, driver's license and bank card to pay deposit. Certainly, you have to be 20-22 according to the standard age requirement.

It is convenient and inexpensive!

Certainly, car rent is not very cheap. But you be the judge: at present a small car rent is about $30-40 a day. Almost as much as a taxi transfer from the airport to the hotel. You should plus regular expenses for taxi around the city, costs for public transport and other accompanying expenses. As a result the car rent for the whole period of your stay in the city will be just a little higher.

It is obviously favorable and, of course, more comfortable. You can go independently where you want any time: to the football stadium, to shops, to the city sights, to the countryside, etc. You can object that you can use public transport for all abovementioned, but we are sure that without a car you will be able to visit just the minority of places of interest. As usual, without a car you will be lazy to go far, even by taxi, you won`t wish to pine on public transport… Without a car you will find a thousand causes to remain in place.

Driving features and the traffic rules in Russia

There is right driving in Russia. The traffic rules and road signs are similar to the European ones. Please, do not park under the parking restrictive signs: in the cities vehicle carriers work, and you will pay 90 euro to take your car from the pound.

Permissible speed limit in cities is 60 km/h. Usually penalty is charged for speed over 80 km/h. Permissible speed limit on suburban roads is 90 km/h, accordingly penalty is charged for 110 km/h and over.

Don't even try to joke with the Russian traffic police!
Don't even try to joke with the Russian traffic police!

Be careful! In each city and on each road there are road traffic offence photo fixing devices: penalties are charged automatically on the car owner, and when returning a car you have to pay the penalty charged and extra penalty fee to the rental company.

In some cities parking in the downtown is forbidden. In Moscow you cannot park on streets within the Third Transport Ring, in other cities you cannot park on some central streets either. You had better not violate the rules: in a flash the car will be taken away to a pound. If it is necessary to leave the car in the downtown area, you had better use paid parking lots which are not very expensive.

Parking near the football stadiums

In many cities during the football championships traffic and parking near the stadium will be limited. You will see at the stadium check points, police squads and restrictive signs limiting parking. Anyway, there must be paid parking lots nearby where you can leave the car.

Another question is that during the matches there will be traffic congestion and road jams around the stadium, therefore we recommend to leave your hotel in advance.

It is the key information. If you have questions contact us, and we will try to help. Good luck to you on roads!

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