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Large football championships the 2017 FIFA Confederations Cup and the 2018 FIFA World Cup are going to collect a vast number of fans from all over the world. After you have bought the tickets for a match and received Fan ID you have to buy air tickets. In this article we tell you how to do it easier and more profitable.

Where to search for cheap flights

Tens of airlines, from large Emirates and Lufthansa to small lowcosters, fly to Russia. Not to tire yourself with search within each airline, you can use the JetRadar search engine. Go to the or use the inquiry form right on our website:

JetRadar works as follows. You set the main search criteria (departure city, arrival city, dates and number of seats), and the service, literally for a few seconds, will scan all airlines and air ticket agencies and will display the results table. You can filter the obtained data under your criteria: desirable departure and arrival time, number of changes, certain airlines, or you can set other criteria.

How much it is

You pay only for your air ticket(flight). The JetRadar services are free for visitors, the company earns on advertising and partner allocations from airlines.

And there is more. Due to scanning of tens of airlines you can see promotional sales of air tickets and other discounts. Such actions happen regularly, and the JetRadar smart search will prompt the days when the flight price is the lowest.

What you need to buy an air tickets

To buy an air ticket (flight) you have to enter your personal details (your name, date of birth and passport data), and your bank card details if you pay online.

We should note that JetRadar only searches for tickets. You have to book and pay on the official sites of airlines and ticket (flight) agencies. You personal data protection is guaranteed.

You pay your tickets and nothing more. One day before departure you can self check in for your flight on the airline website, choose a seat, specify meal preferences (if available).

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Tips on cheap flights search

Of course, due to smart search, JetRadar helps to save and to find the cheapest flights, but nevertheless there is extra cunning which helps you to save even more. So, to find the cheapest flights, follow simple pieces of advice.

Make your search according to the date interval

For example, if you travel for the sake of a certain football match, then it can turn out that air tickets for this and previous days are the most expensive. For example, weekend flights are almost always more expensive than week-day tickets. There are also other price fluctuations.

If available, always search for other date flights. If you fly from far, then it is possible to save significantly. Even if you arrive earlier than planned, for leftover money you can stay for extra days and have a rest before the match. For your attention: the historic center of Saint Petersburg, the best Moscow clubs and restaurants, the warm sea and picturesque mountains in Sochi, and many other things!

Buy a roundtrip ticket

If you buy a roundtrip ticket, you always receive a discount, and sometimes you can save up to 20-30% as compared to one way ticket purchase. Always try to buy roundtrip ticket, and your wallet will thank you!

Choose night flights

Night flights are usually cheaper. If you have time enough, you can buy a night flight for cost reasons and have a rest in the hotel next day.

Buy transfer flights

If you fly from far, you can buy transfer flights. Yes, there are a lot of direct flights to Moscow and Saint Petersburg, even from America over the Atlantic Ocean. But, as a rule, direct flights are significantly more expensive than transfer flights.

Tick the “transfer flight” checkbox in JetRadar, and you will see how much you can save thanks to change at a transit airport. You will not waste your time because in airport duty free shops you will always get something to do.

Buy air tickets in advance

Usually the cheapest flights can be bought in 2-3 months before departure. But the football championships are usually in great demand, and we recommend you to start searching tickets even earlier. Don't put off ticket purchase for the last moment.

Book a hotel right off

This is beyond air tickets purchase but allows to save money too.

After you have bought favorable air tickets you should start searching for a hotel on the chosen dates. During the football championships hotels get considerably high in price, and the earlier you start the more you can save. How to book a hotel (a hostel or private apartments) easily and favorably you can find at “Hotel Booking” page.

Alse you can book a cheap transfer from the airport or rent a car.

Have a nice flight!

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