Taxi and Airport Transfers

Taxi and Airport Transfers

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During important sports events like the 2017 FIFA Confederations Cup and 2018 FIFA World Cup, taxi and private carriers will be the first to raise service prices.

We strongly recommend you not to use taxi affiliated with the airports and not to look for taxi at the airport independently. Be sure, they will offer you absolutely inadequate tariffs, even taking into account the high season of the football championships. You will be told the price even higher unless you don't speak Russian and don't know the way to your hotel.

The prices, of course, will grow everywhere. But you have to be able to look for favorable options. In this article we tell how to use cheap taxi in the host cities of the football championships in Russia.

Transfer from the airport to the city

Upon arrival in the airport it is comfortable to use transfer service: the driver will meet you in the arrival hall (holding the plate with your name), see off to the car and will drive you where you need. Believe, after a long flight it is the best option in an unknown city.

Travelling around the world we use KiwiTaxi transfer. It is easy, quick and cheap. For example, transfer from the Saint Petersburg Airport to the downtown area is about 20 euro that is much cheaper than services of local carriers at the airport building.

If you travel with a small group, transfer is almost the same as public transport fare for each person.


City taxi

Uber, Gett and Yandex taxi services

All taxi services, without exception, will raise tariffs during the football championships. The cheapest way is to use mobile taxi application like known Uber and Gett and also Russian YandexTaxi.

All these applications surely work in large cities in Russia where the football championships will be held. It is easy and favorable to use these applications: without knowing the area you will be able to call taxi to your current location using geo-location on your phone. You will see the car location on the city map and will be able to comment your trip, as well as to use other useful functions.

So, here are taxi service applications for Apple and Android devices:

You should link your bank card in the application for trip payment. It is completely secure, and also you don`t have to wait for change. Some taxi drivers can be cunning with cash: often they say that have no change because they hope for tip. Don't be put upon by them, use taxi applications.

Any questions?

If you cannot understand something or you experience difficulties in some issue, contact us. We will try to help you!

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