Population:1 444 000

Yekaterinburg has become the most east city hosting the 2018 FIFA World Cup. Moreover, Yekaterinburg became the only city in the Asian part of the country which had honor to be the host city.

Yekaterinburg is the largest industrial, scientific and administrative center of the Ural Region. Nearly 1.5 million people live in the forth in population city in Russia.

Yekaterinburg Arena Stadium on the map of Yekaterinburg:


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The main transport gate of the city is the Koltsovo Airport. Considering the distance from the European part of Russia, the air transportation is the basic for trips to Moscow, Saint Petersburg and the southern cities of the country. The Koltsovo Airport is the sixth airport in Russia according to passenger traffic, which is a bit less than for the Moscow, Saint Petersburg and Simferopol airports.

Koltsovo was opened in 1930. Regular flights to Moscow began several years later. The airport became international in 1993. In 2014 the airport of Yekaterinburg was recognized as the best in Russia.

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Koltsovo Airport
Koltsovo Airport

Today in Koltsovo there are two runways, an international terminal, a terminal for internal flights. The terminals were updated at the late 2000s and today they are the most modern in Russia.

It is possible to get to the airport either by buses 1 and 29, or by aero-express train from the main railway terminal. However, because of low passenger traffic the aero-express train makes just a few rounds a day.

The Yekaterinburg railway terminal is in the downtown area. Being one of the largest railway junctions in the country, the terminal sends more than 60 passenger trains a day. The best way to get to Moscow from Yekaterinburg is by train (the trip takes 25 hours). The Saint Petersburg trip does 35 hours and 19 hours to Nizhny Novgorod. However, as we have already written above, because of remoteness of Yekaterinburg from all host cities of the World Cup it is not very convenient for the tournament guests to go by train.

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City transport of Yekaterinburg is presented by all types of ground-based transport. Also, there is a line of metro opened in 1991.

The Ekaterinburg Arena Stadium is on the site of the former stadium Tsentralny. One can easily get there by taxi, and also by trolleybuses 3 and 17 (stop “Tsentralny Stadium”). Near the arena there is also the metro station “Geologicheskaya” (20-minute walking distance).


The history of Yekaterinburg extends back about 300 years. But, first of all, the city has always been an industrial, not trading or tourist center, therefore its architectural appearance considerably differs from the cities of the central part of Russia.

Sevastyanov's House

The palace in the center of Yekaterinburg on the bank of the lake. It is the most graceful and brightest mansion in the city. In general, such architecture isn't typical for the Ural cities.

Sevastyanov's House
Sevastyanov's House

Tarasov' Estate

It is one of the oldest buildings of the city.

Tarasov' Estate
Tarasov' Estate

Yeltsin Center

Museum of the first President of Russia.

Yeltsin Center
Yeltsin Center


The climate in Yekaterinburg is moderate and continental. In late July in the city it is warm, not hot and dry. The summer average temperature makes 17-20 °C in the afternoon.

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