Volgograd Arena Stadium

Volgograd Arena Stadium

Volgograd, Russia

Capacity:45 000
Tenant:FC Rotor Volgograd
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Volgograd Arena is one of the highly awaited stadiums built for the 2018 FIFA World Cup. The point is that the local football team Rotor is very popular with the city. As early as the 1990s, Rotor regularly became a prize winner of the Russian Premier League, and in Eurocups they could even beat Manchester United. However, the financing became leaner over the years which made the team leave the Russian Premier League and lose the club`s pro status.

Volgograd Arena stadium
Volgograd Arena stadium

Volgograd Arena Seating Chart

Volgograd Arena Seating Chart
Volgograd Arena Seating Chart

Not unlike the team, affairs of Central Stadium, the city main stadium, were declining. The stadium constructed in 1962 gradually came to a catastrophic condition, and the city had no money for large-scale reconstruction and, especially, a new stadium construction.

Thus, when Volgograd was chosen as a host city of the World Cup, the city elite football got its second chance. The outdated Central Stadium was demolished, and a modern football stadium housing 45,000 spectators was built on the same site with funding from the federal budget.

The old Central Stadium in Volgograd
The old Central Stadium in Volgograd

Within the World Cup, Volgograd will host the group stage matches: Tunisia - England, Iceland - Nigeria, Egypt - Saudi Arabia and Poland - Japan.

How to get to the stadium

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Buses 9, 12, 95 serve Volgograd Arena directly (Central Stadium stop). The stadium is in the downtown therefore fans can use any transport serving Mamayev Kurgan. The railway station is roughly a 30-minute walk to the stadium.

Volgograd Arena on the Volgograd map:

Stadium features

The stadium is peg-shaped which makes it much more compact than its analogs. This is particularly significant because of the stadium location (the downtown). The Volgograd Arena seating is made in the form of a wave. Seats are painted in white-and-blue. From above, the stadium roof reminding a spoked wheel is the largest in Russia guyed roof.

The final of the Russian Cup which takes place in Volgograd on May 8, 2018 will become the first serious test for the stadium.

Stadium weak points

At the moment, Volgograd Arena has revealed no serious defects.


Volgograd Arena is an excellent modern stadium built in good time in the large southern city steeped in football tradition. The stadium fully meets all FIFA standards, including the capacity and safety requirements. Volgograd Arena is located perfectly in the very heart of the city.

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