Volgograd Hotels

Volgograd Hotels


Population:1 016 000

The southern Russian city Volgograd is located on the Volga River (a largest one) which divided the city into two nearly equal parts. In spite of the fact that Volgograd enters the top ten largest cities of the country, it is unspoiled by great sports or business events. The 2018 FIFA World Cup will be the major event, and the city-on-Volga is, undoubtedly, preparing very carefully.

Hotels near the stadium

First, we will consider accommodations for the city visitors in close proximity to Volgograd Arena. The stadium is located perfectly, in the downtown on the picturesque bank of the Volga River near the recreation park and the main sights. In this section you will find a few excellent and inexpensive options in close proximity to Volgograd Arena:

Inexpensive hotels

Volgograd isn`t spoiled by tourist attention, there are not as many budget hotels and hostels in the city-on-Volga as in Moscow or St. Petersburg. So, if you wish to choose inexpensive accommodation near the stadium, we advise you not to delay and to choose a hotel. Inexpensive hotels within walking distance of the stadium are listed below:

Hotels in the city center

The central district of Volgograd is an important business, transport and tourist cluster of the city. There are the main railway station and also historical and architectural sights devoted to the Battle of Stalingrad. It is very comfortable to live in the downtown: besides the Volga River embankment, the station and museums, the main sports construction Volgograd Arena is within walking distance. If it is uncomfortable to walk to the stadium in hot weather, one can use a high-speed tram which will bring fans from the downtown to the stadium skipping traffic jams in 15-20 minutes. The main downtown hotels:

Other hotels

When choosing a hotel, first pay attention to the hotel location. Volgograd is divided by the Volga River into two parts, Volgograd Arena is located on the right river bank. We advise to choose a hotel also on the right river bank not to lose 2 or 3 hours in traffic jams on the way to the downtown and stadium. Besides, on the left bank of Volga there are practically no sights and interesting architecture. The average price in one-star of two-star hotels in Volgograd is 30-40 euros, the prices for three-star or four-star hotels begin from 300 euros.

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