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Volgograd is one of the host cities in the Volzhsky cluster. The city receives matches of the group stage of the 2018 FIFA World Cup. Volgograd became one of the most unexpected cities chosen for the tournament. In recently years there has been no professional football team in Volgograd, and the city is far enough from other cities hosting the tournament. However, there are no doubts that Volgograd will adequately cope with these honorary challenges, and the city dwellers will get an excellent chance to return the world-class football to the city.

The city is a large regional center in the South of the European part of Russia. A bit over one million people live in the city. According to this indicator Volgograd takes the tenth place in Russia. The city is located on the Volga, the largest river of Russia, which divides the city into two parts.

Volgograd Arena Stadium on the map of Volgograd:


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Volgograd is at a considerable distance from other host cities of the tournament, therefore the easiest way to get Volgograd is by plane. The airport is within the city, in 15 kilometers from the center and called Gumrak. It is possible to go to the airport by bus 6Э. Today, regular flights to Moscow, Saint Petersburg and Kazan go from Gumrak. According to its passenger traffic, the airport of Volgograd enters the 50 largest ones in Russia.

The airport was constructed in 1952, in 1994 it received the status of international. By the World Cup the airport is under serious reconstruction. In particular, there is a new runway appeared at the airport which allows to accept in Gumrak planes of all types, as well as a new passenger terminal. By the beginning of the tournament, the reconstruction of the old terminal must be finished.

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Volgograd Airport
Volgograd Airport

Railway transport is the most popular with the region inhabitants. However, because of Volgograd is too far from other host cities, railway transport hardly suits the tournament guests. The railway terminal is in the downtown area and receives up to 20 trains a day. From Volgograd one can get to Moscow (18-hour trip), Saint Petersburg (36-hour trip), Yekaterinburg (42-hour trip), Samara (18-hour trip) and Sochi (about one-day trip). Rostov-on-Don is the closest city to Volgograd, train goes there for 12 hours.

Railway terminal
Railway terminal
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City transport in Volgograd is presented by buses, trolleybuses and trams. Tram can be unusual for the city visitors because one its line passes underground (like metro).


Volgograd was dramatically destroyed during the World War II, therefore the main sights are connected with the city feat during that time. There are practically no buildings of the 17-19th centuries left in the city.

“Battle of Stalingrad” museum complex

The museum is devoted to one of the main battles of the World War II in the city of Stalingrad (the name of Volgograd in the early 20th century) where more than two million people were killed.

Gergardt's Mill was a defended post during the Battle of Stalingrad. The mill became a symbol of cruel fights on soil of the city
Gergardt's Mill was a defended post during the Battle of Stalingrad. The mill became a symbol of cruel fights on soil of the city

Memorial ensemble to “Heroes of the Battle of Stalingrad”

The monument represents a museum complex on Mamaev Kurgan, the heights where fierce fighting took place.

Composition “The Motherland Calls”. The largest statue in Europe
Composition “The Motherland Calls”. The largest statue in Europe

Pavlov's House

The building which was heroically kept by a small group of Soviet fighters for 58 days during the Battle of Stalingrad.

Pavlov's House
Pavlov's House


The climate in Volgograd is moderate and continental. Summer is hot and dry. In June-July in the city it is hot with the daytime temperature of 23-26 °C.

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