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St. Petersburg Hotels


Population:5 225 000
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Saint Petersburg is a large world tourist center. The beauty of the city attracts millions of tourists from all over the world, and the number of the city visitors increases every year. In this regard, Saint Petersburg has all necessary hotel infrastructure already for a long time. In the city there are hotels of any star-rating and level of comfort.

Saint Petersburg will become the main host city of the 2017 FIFA Confederations Cup which will receive three matches on the group stage, and also the tournament final match. The Confederations Cup will be held in June, height of the tourist season in Saint Petersburg. Already a year later, Saint Petersburg will hold decisive matches of 2018 FIFA World Cup. Besides four matches of the group stage, matches of round of last 16, the semi-final and the third place match will take place in Saint Petersburg.

At this time in the northern million-city the period of white nights sets which attracts tourists from around the world. Therefore, the fans wishing to visit the Confederations Cup and 2018 FIFA World Cup matches in Saint Petersburg should take care of accommodation in advance.

Hotels near the “Krestovsky” stadium

The Krestovsky Stadium is built on Krestovsky Island — a prime spot in Saint Petersburg. On the island there is the main entertainment park of Saint Petersburg where you can find a sideshow, a yacht-club, a green zone, the picturesque Neva River Embankment, a number of cafes and restaurants, and also roller skates and bicycles rental centers. The stadium is located not far from the downtown therefore it will be convenient for accommodation from all points of view. However, because of the area status and attractiveness, the accommodation price in hotels and apartments on Krestovsky Island is above averages around the city.

Inexpensive Hotels

In Saint Petersburg there is a number of inexpensive 1-2-star hotels. Originality of most such hotels in their location in the historic center in houses of the 17-19th centuries. Staying in such hotels the city visitors have a unique chance to see an internal interior of the not ceremonial Saint Petersburg of that time. As a rule, small hotels and hostels are located in Saint Petersburg within walking distance from the central metro stations.

Hotels in the City Center

Above we have told about inexpensive hotels located mainly in the historic center of the city. However, in the heart of Saint Petersburg you will find hotels of the world famous brands. Accommodation in the center will allow to enjoy the city views through the room window, and also to be in walking distance to the city best restaurants and museums. Here are several best offers:

Other Hotels

You can also independently find hotels, hostels and private apartments on the city map:

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