Fisht Stadium

Fisht Stadium

Sochi, Russia

Capacity:40 000
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Fisht is the most southern stadium which will host matches of the Confederations Cup and the World Cup. Within the Confederations Cup in Sochi three games of the group stage will be played, as well as the semi-final match. The World Cup covers matches of the group stage (Portugal — Spain, Germany — Sweden, Australia — Peru, Belgium — Panama), and also one match of the round of 16 and one match of the quarter-final.

Fisht Arena, Sochi
Fisht Arena, Sochi

Fisht Stadium Seating Chart

Fisht Stadium Seating Chart
Fisht Stadium Seating Chart

How to Get to the stadium

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You can easily get to the Fisht Stadium where the Championship matches will take place by suburban electric train “Lastochka”. It is possible to reach the arena which is located in the Olympic Park also by buses 57, 100, 124, 125.

Fisht Stadium on the Sochi map:

Up to the last moment Sochi fought against Krasnodar for the right to receive the FIFA World Cup matches. The matter is that from Krasnodar Krai only one host city could be included in the bid. In favor of Krasnodar there was the existence in the city of two football teams of serious level, fans and reputation of “the football capital” of Russia. In favor of Sochi there was the existence of both sports and world-class hotel infrastructure. It was obviously that both cities were worthy to be included in the final list of host cities, but Krasnodar, nevertheless, was excluded. Krasnodar Krai will be represented in the World Cup only by one city of Sochi.

Stadium history

The Sochi stadium Fisht is a young modern sports arena. The stadium construction started in 2007. Fisht was initially designed as the main sports arena for the 2014 Winter Olympic Games which took place in Sochi city. The stadium received its name in honor of Mount Fisht near the stadium. Translated from the Adygei language Fisht means a “white head”.

By 2012 the main scope of work was executed, the arena framework was completed. The design of the stadium roof is made in the form of a shell and made of light composite material. The roof was installed on the ground, then its peak was mounted in an assembled unit. The peak point of the roof meets the height of a 25-storey house.

The Fisht Arena was opened in summer of 2013. On February 7, 2014 on the Fisht Arena there was the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games, on February 23 — the closing ceremony. Already on March 7, 2014 the opening ceremony of the Winter Paralympic Games was held on Fisht, and on March 16 — the closing ceremony.

Opening ceremony of the 2014 Olympic Games
Opening ceremony of the 2014 Olympic Games

Later, after it became known that Russia will have honor to receive the final part of the World Cup, the Fisht Arena was reconstructed into a football stadium. Such choice was caused by two factors: financial (the reconstruction of the arena from all-sports into football demanded not so much money as the construction of a stadium from “greenfield”), the Sochi experience in holding the largest sporting event and its proper infrastructure. The stadium reconstruction is expected to finish in February, 2017.

In the middle 2016 it was decided to increase the stadium capacity, thus, extra 5,000 seats will be installed on the arena. After the World Cup a part of tiers will be demounted.

Reconstruction of the Fisht Arena for the World Cup and the Confederations Cup
Reconstruction of the Fisht Arena for the World Cup and the Confederations Cup

In March, 2017 the Fisht Arena plans to hold a friendly match of the Russian national football team. This match will become the first football match to be held on the Sochi arena.

Stadium weak points

Special design of the arena may be its weak point. The matter is that only two stadium stands can be covered. Stands behind the teams goal posts have no peak. However, considering the features of the climate in Sochi, this factor hardly can significantly affect the comfort of spectators. In June, as a rule, in the south of Krasnodar Krai it is warm and dry.

Another weak point of the arena is absence in Sochi of a serious football team, and also the culture of football matches visiting by locals. The Sochi football team Zhemchuzhina last played on the worthy level in the early 2000s. Since then in the south of Krasnodar Krai professional football matches have not been played, and international matches either. Therefore, a big problem, whether it will be possible to attract to the matches of the Confederations Cup and the World Cup the locals who became disaccustomed from big football.

View of the Fisht Stadium and Olympic Park of Sochi
View of the Fisht Stadium and Olympic Park of Sochi


The Sochi stadium Fisht will become one of the brightest sports arenas for both the Confederations Cup and the World Cup. The city transport, hotel and tourist infrastructure will allow Sochi to hold the top-level tournament, and allow spectators and city visitors to find enjoyment and positive emotions visiting the city and the arena.

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