Population:401 000

Sochi is the most southern city where the Fisht Stadium will hold matches of the 2018 FIFA World Cup. Matches of the 2017 FIFA Confederations Cup (the group stage and the semi-final) will take place here also. Taking into account the Olympic Games received in Sochi in 2014 the city for four years will host three sports competitions of the highest world level.

Fisht Stadium on the Sochi map:

Sochi became the only host city which isn't a regional center. However, the choice for Sochi is quite explainable. The city is located on the Black Sea coast and is the capital of summer tourism in Russia. In 2016, over 6.5 million tourists visited the city — it is the third indicator among all cities of Russia. Besides, on the eve of the 2014 Olympic Games, Sochi was completely reconstructed. Huge money was invested in the city tourist and sports infrastructure. Thus, Sochi was initially included into the four cities, it is the best of all ready for holding large sports forums.

Sochi city is the summer capital of Russia
Sochi city is the summer capital of Russia

The city population makes over 400 thousand people according which Sochi enters 50 largest cities of Russia. Among the cities which are on the Black Sea coast of Russia, Sochi, certainly, is the largest one.


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Sochi is also a large transport hub in the South of Russia. The Sochi International Airport is the seventh on passenger traffic in Russia, and concedes only to the airports in Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Simferopol and Yekaterinburg. The airport was opened in 1945, in 1981 it obtained the status of international. By the Winter Olympic Games it was completely modernized: there was the second runway, the new terminal constructed. During the Olympic Games the Sochi airport served nearly 3 million passengers.

The airport is within the city, it is easy to get there by taxi or by aeroexpress train. Also, it is possible to get to the Sochi airport by regular buses. You can also rent a car for the whole period of stay in Sochi after filling an entry on the website RentalCars.

Sochi International Airport
Sochi International Airport

The Sochi railway terminal is in the center district of the city. During the summer season the Sochi terminal receives over 50 trains every day, being one of the most loaded regional stations in Russia. By train it is possible to get to Moscow in a day, Saint Petersburg in 36 hours, Nizhny Novgorod in 40 hours. The closest city to Sochi is Rostov-on-Don which is possible to be reached by train in 7 hours.

Sochi railway terminal
Sochi railway terminal

In Sochi there are some railway terminals. The Adler railway terminal is closer to the Olympic venues and the Fisht Stadium than the central terminal. Also the Adler railway terminal is the terminal station for the majority of trains going to Sochi. Directly at the Olympic venues and Fisht Stadium there is the “Olympic Park” station which you will be able to reach by electric train.

Adler railway terminal
Adler railway terminal
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The Sochi city transport is presented only by buses and shared taxi.

You can easily get to the Fisht Stadium housing the Championship matches by taxi or by suburban electric train (Lastochka). It is possible to get to the arena located in the Olympic Park by buses 57, 100, 124, 125.


Krasnaya Polyana

Krasnaya Polyana is a suburb of Sochi and a large ski resort built up “from scratch” for holding the winter 2014 Olympic Games. This area not only belongs to the items of the post-Olympics heritage, but also is extraordinary beautiful. Three full-fledged ski resorts (Rosa Khutor, Gazprom and Gorky Gorod), a large number of elevators, a smart view of mountains and the sea — all this attracts not only the Russian tourists, but also foreigners in different seasons.

Rosa Khutor ropeway
Rosa Khutor ropeway

There are hotels of any level, from magnificent five-starto modest hostels, various restaurants including fast food, and also entertainment in any season: in winter it is skiing down the slopes, in summer — walking and cyclings, horse trips, jeeping and rafting. Surely visit this place, you won't be disappointed! From the Olympic Park and Fisht Stadium you can easily get to Krasnaya Polyana by electric train, and also there is a high-speed highway.


Skypark is the Sochi amusement park at heights. It is the longest in the world suspension pedestrian bridge connecting the mountains over the Mzymta River. Entertainments are available to fans of extreme rest: bungee jumping from heights of 207 or 69 meters, a pendular swing with a 170 meter cable, flight through the gorge on speed of 120 km/h, the rope park on trees, and also rock-climbing training. For more details visit the official site of the park.

Sochi Skypark
Sochi Skypark


The Gorky Gorod ski resort area in Krasnaya Polyana has been an official gambling zone in Russia since 2016. While writing this article, the magnificent casino “Sochi Casino & Resort” with its smart interiors, excellent service and a huge game area covering nearly 100 game tables and over 500 automatic machines started working. After a while there will be other gambling houses on the Gorky Gorod site.

Casino at the Gorky Gorod area
Casino at the Gorky Gorod area

Sochi Park

Sochi Park is the Russian Disneyland. It is a theme park of entertainments both for children and adults. Here is the set of attractions including several roller coaster and roundabouts, the entertainments for little children, a dolphinarium, singing fountains, and also cafes, restaurants and food and sweets boxes. For more detailed information and to purchase tickets please go to the official site of Sochi Park.

Sochi Park from height of a bird's eye view
Sochi Park from height of a bird's eye view

In the park there is a large four-stars Bogatyr Hotel. The park and the Bogatyr Hotel are in five minutes of walking distance from the Fisht Stadium.

Natural Sights

Sochi is a unique resort town where mountains adjoin to the sea. The sights created by the nature will be interesting to tourists and the city visitors.

33 waterfalls. The unique natural monument in Sochi National Park. A considerable part of the stream Dzhegosh is a waterfall cascade.

Nizhneimeretinskaya Embankment. The embankment was improved on the eve of the Olympic Games. It is a 7-kilometer recreation area along the coast of the Black Sea.

Viewing tower on Mount Akhun. The excellent viewing site with the picturesque view of mountains and the sea.

In Sochi you can buy any tour to all known sights. The set of information and ticket sales boxes are located all over the city.


The Sochi climate is subtropical. In June-July guests of the Championship in Sochi can rely on dry and hot weather, air temperature makes about 25-28 °C at this time.

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