Mordovia Arena Stadium

Mordovia Arena Stadium

Saransk, Russia

Capacity:45 000
Tenant:FC Mordovia Saransk
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Saransk has become the most unexpected host city of the 2018 FIFA World Cup. The local football is underdeveloped, and the Mordovian team is an outsider of the second football league in Russia. We hope that appearance of such a football project in the city can heighten interest in football of both ordinary fans and the local club potential sponsors.

Mordovia Arena will house the group stage matches: Peru — Denmark, Colombia — Japan, Iran — Portugal and Panama — Tunisia.

“Mordovia Arena” Stadium
“Mordovia Arena” Stadium

Mordovia Arena Seating Chart

Mordovia Arena Seating Chart
Mordovia Arena Seating Chart

How to get to the stadium

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Buses 7 and 13 serve Mordovia Arena (Yubileiny Stadium stop). And it is very convenient to take a taxi to get to a football match, because the stadium is located in the center of the small city of Saransk, and taxi fare will be low.

Mordovia Arena on the Saransk map:

Construction history

The construction of Mordovia Arena began in 2010. Initially, the stadium was designed for 30,000 spectators, its completion was planned for 2012, the celebration of solidarity of the Mordovian and Russian people. However, as it often happens in Russia, the deadline was repeatedly postponed. The stadium was completed only in the late 2017, the stadium capacity increased up to 45,000 spectators according to the FIFA requirements.

Stadium features

The best asset of the Saransk stadium is the ideal inclination of its stands. Any point has an excellent pitch view. The distance between the field edge and the most distant point of the stand does not exceed 90 meters. At the same time, the stadium has almost no blind areas, according to the tournament organizers.

The stadium is going to be surrounded with football attributes outlets, food courts and parking lots.

The Mordovia Arena roof is made of light composites allowing to reduce the supporting structures load and to cut corners on the construction. The Saransk stadium only vaguely resembles another stadium to host the World Cup matches – Otkritie Arena in Moscow.

Stadium weak points

So far, it is difficult to assess the stadium defects as no match was played yet.

The questions arise about further use of the stadium after the World Cup. The local football team won`t be able to maintenance the expensive sports venue. Most likely, the municipal budget won`t be able to maintain Mordovia Arena either. It is highly likely that the Saransk stadium will be mothballed or demolished.


Mordovia Arena has appeared to be a sound, modern and innovative stadium meeting all requirements of FIFA. The stadium of such level in such a small city as Saransk is going to become a huge event in the republic life, and another place of entertainment for Saransk residents and guests will appear in the city.

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