Rostov Arena

Rostov Arena


Capacity:45 000
Tenant:FC Rostov
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Rostov Arena is a new stadium designed south of the megalopolis of Rostov-on-Don. The townspeople are fond of football, and the local team has already accustomed its fans to arrival of the European grandees such as Ajax, Bavaria, Manchester United, Atletico. However, Rostov had to receive the multiple winners of the Champions League at the old and low-capacious stadium Olimp-2.

“Rostov Arena” stadium
“Rostov Arena” stadium

Rostov Arena Seating Chart

Rostov Arena Seating Chart
Rostov Arena Seating Chart

Thanks to the 2018 FIFA World Cup, Rostov-on-Don got the federal financing and built a capacious stadium to be proud of and to receive the best clubs of Europe and the all-star world teams.

Rostov Arena will host the group stage matches: Brazil - Switzerland, Uruguay - Saudi Arabia, South Korea - Mexico, Iceland - Croatia and the round of last 16.

The old “Olimp” stadium
The old “Olimp” stadium

How to get to the stadium

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Bus 39 and 516 serve the stadium directly. MegaMag bus station offering buses 109, 112, 122, 133, 135, 201, 202, 203, 204, 205, 211, 516 is a 15-minute walk to the stadium.

Rostov Arena on the map:

Stadium features

Rostov Arena, perhaps, one of the most beautiful stadiums designed for the 2018 World Cup. First, the stadium location is very comfortable. The stadium is on the left bank of the Don River in the big recreational area housing a set of beaches, cafes, restaurants, night clubs, walking routes and other entertainment facilities for the Rostov population and city visitors. Secondly, the stadium facade of glass and metalwork became a very successful architectural decision. The great illumination blends in perfectly with the surrounding landscape.

Stadium weak points

By now, the arena has revealed no defects.


An excellent, modern and high-demand stadium is designed in Rostov-on-Don. The stadium is built on the left bank of the Don River and perfectly complements the city leisure area.

The stadium fits the surrounding space. After the tournament, Rostov Arena will host FC Rostov, the main team of the city well-liked by the city dwellers.

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