Moscow Hotels

Moscow Hotels


Population:12 330 000

Moscow is the capital of Russia, its administrative, business and financial center. Moscow is the largest and populous city in Europe. The capital of Russia is developing dramatically: a few metro stations open every year, new traffic intersections are under construction. The transport infrastructure and hotel business are developing in the city very actively. Annually hundreds of new different level hotels grow in Moscow.

When choosing the place to stay in Moscow, please pay your attention to the hotel location. Unlike other host cities of the football tournament (Kazan, Sochi and even Saint Petersburg), the hotel transport accessibility is of primary concern. You have to know that there areas in Moscow from which a trip to the stadium or the airport can take a few hours.

Hotels near the “Otkritie Arena” stadium

Otkritie Arena is located in the southwest of the capital in one of the most well-planned and prestigious districts of the city. Near the stadium there are several parks, and also the Moskva River. The districts of the capital next to the stadium (Pokrovskoye-Streshnevo, Severnoуe and Yuzhnoye Tushino) are considered as the most eco-friendly and green districts of the city. The area of Otkritie Arena has good transport accessibility: eight-lane Volokolamskoye Highway, several metro stations, a railroad line, exit to the ring highway. Nevertheless, if you decide to stay near the stadium, please be aware that the way to the downtown takes an hour at least.

So, we can recommend a few hotels within walking distance of the stadium:

Hotels near the “Luzhniki” stadium

The Luzhniki Stadium, the main arena of the 2018 FIFA World Cup, is located in the central part of the city in one of the most prestigious districts. The Moskva River flows near the stadium, there are two metro stations and a park. On the bank opposite to Luzhniki there is one of the main observation sites: Vorobyovy Gory with the most beautiful view of Moscow. Nearby hotels:

Inexpensive Hotels

Moscow is one of the most expensive cities in Europe. The same is about the hotel business — accommodation in the best hotels of Moscow costs up to several thousand dollars per day. However, in the city there is a wide choice of budget hostels accommodation in which makes no more than 50 euros a day. And most budget hotels provide their guests with quite quality service: good transport accessibility, clean rooms, free Wi-Fi.

Hotels in the Сenter of Moscow

Accommodation in the downtown has both pluses and minuses. First of all, the hotel in the center of Moscow will allow visitors to concentrate on the capital sights which are generally located within Sadovoe Koltso (Garden Ring) and not to waste precious time. In the downtown you can find both world-class smart five-stars hotels and budget hostels. But minus is that there are not enough green zones in the downtown.

Other Hotels

Moscow will predictably become the most expensive city in Russia for tourists during the 2017 FIFA Confederations Cup and the 2018 FIFA World Cup. Nevertheless, a large number of hotels and restaurants will allow the city visitors to choose an optimal accommodation for the tournament period.

On the following interactive map you will find hotels in close vicinity to Otkritie Arena. Use the price filter in the lower right corner to see hotels within the set budget:

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