Kazan Arena Stadium

Kazan Arena Stadium

Kazan, Russia

Capacity:45 000
Tenant:FC Rubin Kazan
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Kazan Arena is the main stadium of the capital of Tatarstan. The stadium was constructed recently (in 2013) and became the main arena to host the 2013 Summer Universiade. The stadium will house several matches of the 2017 FIFA Confederations Cup, including the semi-final match of the tournament. Also, the main arena of Kazan will receive matches of the group stage (Iran – Spain, France – Australia, Korea – Germany, Poland – Columbia), round of last 16, and also one match of the quarter-final of the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

Final works on Kazan Arena, June, 2013
Final works on Kazan Arena, June, 2013

Kazan Arena Seating Chart

Kazan Arena Seating Chart
Kazan Arena Seating Chart

How to get to the stadium

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It is possible to get to the Kazan Arena Stadium from all districts of the city by public transport. Near the stadium there are two stops of buses 1, 7, 10a, 18, 33, 35, 35a, 36, 44, 45, 46, 49, 55, 60, 62, 76, trolleybus 7 and trams 5 and 6.

Kazan Arena Stadium on the Kazan map:

Stadium history

Kazan Arena is a young and modern stadium. But, nevertheless, it has already held several significant events.

The area construction started in 2010 after Kazan won the holding of the 2013 Summer Universiade. Just then Russia promoted its bid for the right of holding the World Cup, and the Kazan Stadium must have become the business card of Russia and the proof that our country is able and ready to build difficult modern sporting venues.

The architect project of Kazan Arena was developed by the company experienced in construction and design of such stadiums as London Wembley and Emirates. So, there were no doubts that one of the best sports arenas of Eastern Europe will appear in Kazan.

The stadium construction completed in the early 2013, and in summer of the same year the stadium welcomed the opening and closing ceremonies of the Summer Universiade, as well as a number of sports competitions within the Universiade.

Opening ceremony of the 2013 Summer Universiade, Kazan Arena
Opening ceremony of the 2013 Summer Universiade, Kazan Arena

However, the citizens of Kazan had to wait for the first football match on the new arena for over a year. The city main football team Rubin held the first home match on Kazan Arena only next season 2014-2015.

Unfortunately, so far neither the Russian national team matches nor the Europe Cup matches of Rubin have been held on Kazan Arena. In 2014 there was one friendly match of the Russian national team planned in Kazan, but because of poor quality of the Kazan arena lawn the match was postponed to Saint Petersburg.

Stadium features

The Kazan Arena Stadium is a modern, convenient and technological sports structure. Free Wi-Fi is accessible for visitors within the whole arena, there is a huge media screen on the stadium facade which allows sports broadcastings. Today the media facade of Kazan Arenais the biggest in the world.

Media facade of Kazan Arena
Media facade of Kazan Arena

Like many modern sports structures, Kazan Arena is a multipurpose complex. It is suitable for both sports and concert events. Within the complex area there are various unsporting institutions: bars, restaurants, a conference room, a fitness club. Also, the stadium area houses a museum of the main football club of Tatarstan Rubin. Besides the above-mentioned institutions, there are a lot of schools and sections for children.

We would like to note another fact. The Kazan Stadium is the third in capacity in the country after the Moscow Luzhniki stadium and the Saint Petersburg Krestovsky Stadium. Thus, in 2016 during reconstruction of the Moscow arena and completion of the Saint Petersburg one, Kazan Arena became the most capacious sports arena in Russia.

Stadium weak points

The Kazan stadium has weaknesses very standard for the arenas built recently in Russia. It is, first of all, the arena transport accessibility (more exactly, inaccessibility). In prospect, near the stadium two new metro stations will be opened, but during the Confederations Cup and the World Cup spectators will have to get to the arena by buses and trams.


Kazan Arena is a super modern, capacious and convenient stadium which with good reason got the right to hold matches of the Confederations Cup and the World Cup, and which worthy and at the highest level will cope with holding these tournaments. Guests of Kazan, certainly, will be satisfied with visit of both the city and the football matches on Kazan Arena.

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