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Kaliningrad Hotels


Population:459 000
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Kaliningrad is the most western city of Russia. The city is very convenient and attractive for football fans from Northern and Central Europe, as well as within easy reach by car from Poland, Germany, the Scandinavian and Baltic countries, therefore the ticket and hotel demand is projected to raise in Kaliningrad. The match of English and Belgium national football teams is going to become a special decoration of the group stage. The city is awaiting an influx of English fans well-known for their national team supporting style on large tournaments.

We will consider a few options where to stay in Kaliningrad during the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia.

Hotels near the stadium

Kaliningrad Stadium is located perfectly. The stadium is constructed in the downtown on Oktyabrsky Island in its green zone. The city visitors choosing the stadium nearest areas for accommodation won`t fail, since they will live, on the one hand, near the city center and main sights, on the other hand, they will stay in a quiet and green district to enjoy warm summer evenings. We advise a few hotels within walking distance of the arena:

Hotels in the city center

If you wish to stay in the historical, German part of the city, they offer you the wide range of any hotels and apartments. Four-star and five-star hotels are presented in both the historical center and the northern green coastal zone of the Verkhny and Nizhny ponds.

Inexpensive hotels

Kaliningrad is a real European city and a big tourist center. The city is popular with both Russian tourists and citizens of the neighboring Poland, Germany, Latvia and Lithuania. Therefore, the city has the perfectly developed service of inexpensive apartments and small hostels. So, even those interested in saving money can count on sound European service. We can advise the following budget hotels in Kaliningrad:

Other hotels

The hotels given in this article is less-than-complete list of Kaliningrad hotels and apartments. In total, the city offers over 500 accommodation options in any price range. Nevertheless, considering the increased demand and expected influx of the European football fans, we recommend not to put off and to book a hotel as soon as possible.

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