Population:459 000

The Kaliningrad Region is the most western region of Russia, and Kaliningrad is the most western host city of the 2018 FIFA World Cup. The Kaliningrad stadium “Kaliningrad” will receive matches of the tournament group stage.

Nearly 500 thousand inhabitants live in the city of Kaliningrad. The region is unique due to the fact that it has no border with any other region of Russia — from all directions the Kaliningrad Region is surrounded by countries of the European Union. They are both pluses and minuses. Pluses are in the city transport accessibility for European guests. It is convenient to get to Kaliningrad from Poland, Germany and the Baltic countries. On the other hand, Kaliningrad has poor communication with other regions of the country.

Kaliningrad Stadium on the city map:


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In the city there are an international airport and a railway terminal. The Khrabrovo Airport is in 20 kilometers from the city. By the World Cup Khrabrovo plans to double its passenger traffic. Now from Kaliningrad one can easily get to Warsaw, Minsk, Moscow, Cherepovets and Saint Petersburg by regular flights. It is possible to get to the city from the airport by taxi.

On the RentalCars website you can rent a car to move around Kaliningrad. However, you should consider that Kaliningrad is separated from all other Russia and you won`t be able to leave the Kaliningrad Region by car.

The Kaliningrad railway terminal is in the downtown area. There are daily trains to Moscow from this amber land (about one-day trip). Trains to Saint Petersburg (about one day-trip) and to Sochi (three-day trip) are available three days a week. As we can see, transport connection is a weak point of Kaliningrad. Guests can get to the city by plane with a change in Moscow.

Kaliningrad railway terminal
Kaliningrad railway terminal
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The city public transport in Kaliningrad is presented by buses, trolleybuses and trams. There is no metro in the city.

The Kaliningrad Stadium is in the downtown area near the railway terminal, therefore one can easily reach it. Especially for the World Cup matches extra buses to the arena will be launched.


Kaliningrad entered the USSR relatively recently, only in 1946 after the World War II. Before the city was called Konigsberg (more earlier — Twangste), and it was under jurisdiction of Germany (also Prussia).

Konigsberg was founded in far 1255. The downtown was the ancient castle after which the city was called (Konigsberg is translated from German as "The Royal Mount"). Unfortunately, the city was strongly destroyed during the World War II, and most historical German buildings did not come down to us. Nevertheless, proximity of the region to Europe and the German past left a serious mark on the city architecture. Kaliningrad is, perhaps, one of the most unusual cities of the European part of Russia.

Let`s note the following sights of Kaliningrad.


The cathedral was completely destroyed during the war, then restored in the 1990s. The cathedral is afunctional, there is a museum at its area.


Curonian Spit

Curonian Spit is the unique natural reserve in the Kaliningrad Region, the largest natural sandy embankment in the world. The flora and fauna of Curonian Spit, thanks to the environmental status and unique location (between fresh and salty sea water) is very different.

Curonian Spit
Curonian Spit

Kaliningrad forts

Fortification constructions of Konigsberg have partially remained up to now. There were 17 forts built in total: 12 large and 5 small. Some of them are closed for tourists. The most known fort is the fifth one and called “King Friedrich Wilhelm III”.

“King Friedrich Wilhelm III” fort
“King Friedrich Wilhelm III” fort

The climate in the Kaliningrad Region is marine. As a rule, summer here is wet and warm. Average temperature in June-July makes about 15-18 °C.

Proximity to Europe has taken its positive part in development of the hotel and restaurant business. In the region, both in the zone bordering the European Union and at the coastal resort area, there are large number of hotels of any level of price.

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