Visa-Free Travel to Russia

Fans of the whole world which are going to visit the 2018 FIFA World Cup and 2017 FIFA Confederations Cup in Russia, first of all are interested in visa issue: what documents they should process and which requirements to a person wishing to visit the country?

The Government of Russia has prepared a special mode of entry into the country for the World Cup and Confederations Cup. If the fan has a ticket for any match of the tournament, he or she has the right for visa-free entry into the country according to the passport and Fan ID. It is not necessary to receive additional visa. This norm will start 10 days before the tournament, termination of the validity period is 10 days after the final match.

How to get Fan ID

What is Fan ID? It is a special document issued by the Ministry of Communications of the Russian Federation which is the fan ID. To obtain the certificate fans need to fill in the questionnaire on the website where they should enter their name, date, date of birth, sex, data of ID (document type, series, number, issuing authority, date of issue), nationality, and ticket number. Also, the applicant should specify his contact details, mail address to deliver Fan ID, and also the photo.

Presentation of Fan ID
Presentation of Fan ID

It is possible to receive Fan ID by post or personally in the Distribution centers of Fan ID issue. Such centers are opened in four cities hosting the Confederations Cup: Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Sochi and Kazan.

Please pay your attention to this important information. Fan ID for the Confederations Cup and the World Cup aren't connected in any way. If you are planning to visit both tournaments, then you should receive two Fan IDs.

Owners of Fan ID can have a number of bonuses. The key one is free travel by public transport to the stadium on the day of the match.

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