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The 2018 FIFA World Cup organizers have made a good present to the fans. All fans with the tournament game ticket and FAN ID will be allowed to board free trains from any host city of the World Cup to the city holding the match. For this purpose, the Russian Railways has already appointed 728 additional trains.

How to get a free railway ticket

First, you should receive FAN ID and have on the ticket paid number.

Consider the example. Suppose that you`ve bought a ticket for the match Iran — Spain played on June 20 in Kazan. Then you should receive FAN ID. The FAN ID receipting details are described in a special article. After you`ve received FAN ID you should register and create your personal account at the website of Transport Directorate of the World Cup.

Then, at the same website, you should choose the game you bought tickets for (in our case, the game Iran-Spain). Click this game, and the list of available trains appears at the bottom of the page. You choose a convenient train, then go to the seat choice and book your free ticket. When booking, you need to input the game ticket number and your FAN ID number. When boarding, you need to show your FAN ID and passport.

Now, how a train of the Russian Railways looks. It is a set of a compartment car for 32 passengers (8 compartments for 4 passengers each). All cars are equipped with air conditioning. Each train has a dining-car and special compartments for handicapped persons.

Free pass in a public transport

Besides free additional trains, the World Cup ticket holders can make use of other free transport. Each city has its own free transport schedule. Generally, on the game day fans holding FAN ID and the game ticket can make use of any public transport (subway, tram, bus, trolleybus) and local commuter trains (except Kaliningrad and Nizhny Novgorod). In Moscow ticket holders on the match day will have Aeroexpress also free of charge.

Russian Aeroflot Airlines prepared another nice special offer. The airline is ready to transport fans to the matches of the Russian national team for 5 rubles only (about 7 cents). However, this offer is only for Russian citizens and only for the matches of the Russian national team.

Now we can see that the World Cup organizers did their best to provide fans with comfortable and free travel between host cities.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Russia!

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