2018 FIFA World Cup Winner Predictions

2018 FIFA World Cup Winner Predictions

2018 FIFA World Cup Russia

The Winner:France
Dates:14 June — 15 July 2018

After the FIFA World Cup Final Draw, the time has come to estimate the teams` odds of winning in the tournament. Yes, most teams won't apply for a victory, and the number of real contenders to the trophy will make 6-8 teams.

We decided to divide the national teams into three groups. The teams for which the very participation in the World Cup is already a great achievement went into the first group. Even the play-off for these teams will be the best they can do. We included the following teams in the first group:

Team Odds
Panama national football team Panama 1001
Saudi Arabia national football team Saudi Arabia 1001
Tunisia national football team Tunisia 501
Morocco national football team Morocco 401
Iran national football team Iran 351
South Korea national football team South Korea 301
Australia national football team Australia 201
Japan national football team Japan 201
Nigeria national football team Nigeria 151
Peru national football team Peru 151

The second group teams will apply for the play-off, but getting into the quarterfinal will become a ceiling for them, most likely. The following teams went to the second group:

Team Odds
Costa Rica national football team Costa Rica 351
Iceland national football team Iceland 201
Egypt national football team Egypt 151
Sweden national football team Sweden 126
Senegal national football team Senegal 126
Serbia national football team Serbia 126
Mexico national football team Mexico 101
Switzerland national football team Switzerland 71
Denmark national football team Denmark 71
Russia national football team Russia 31
Poland national football team Poland 31
Colombia national football team Colombia 26
Uruguay national football team Uruguay 26

Here are the teams of the third group which we are interested in most of all.

Team Odds
Croatia national football team Croatia 31.00
Portugal national football team Portugal 21.00
England national football team England 13.00
Belgium national football team Belgium 9.50
Argentina national football team Argentina 9.50
Spain national football team Spain 9.00
France national football team France 6.00
Germany national football team Germany 5.70
Brazil national football team Brazil 5.00

We included eight national teams in this list. The Croatia team is taken into the number of contenders by way of advance, thanks largely to the team performance in Euro 2016. As the qualifying tournament showed, the Croats act steadily not always. At the same time, the team is capable to beat any opponent.

It will be very hard for the Portugal national football team to repeat their two-year old success. Already at the group stage the Portuguese will meet with the team of Spain — another favourite of the tournament. If the Portuguese concede the first place in the group to the Spaniards, then the Uruguay will become very probable opponents of Red-Greens in round of last 16 and France — in the quarterfinal. Considering that the Portuguese, like two years ago, remain the team of one player, it is hardly possible to count on serious success according to such drawing.

The England national football team is traditionally considered as a favourite of the World Cup, but they fail the tournament every year, over and over again. This year, the British are bringing to Russia a quite middling squad with no charismatic leaders. Two years ago, in France the British shamed themselves, having conceded to the Iceland in round of last 16. It is unlikely that in Russia we will see more successful performance of the football ancestors, especially considering their calendar — already at the group stage England has to meet with Belgium, and in the quarterfinal the probability of a meeting with Germany is very high.

And the Belgium national football team, in our opinion, is a shadow favourite of the forthcoming World Cup. The Belgium national team is gathering the top players from the leading clubs of the world, and the attacking line may be the strongest in the world. At the group stage, Belgium will play matches with the teams of England, Panama and Tunisia. If the Belgians are able to win the first place in the group, then it is very probable that The Red Devils won’t play with the top world teams before the semi-final. In our opinion, the semi-final is that minimum which the Belgians are obliged to reach.

Traditionally, the Argentina team is also ranked as a favourite, because such football players as Leo Messi, Mauro Icardi, Gonzalo Higuain, Angel Di Maria and others make the Argentina squad. However, the Argentineans have not become a real team yet. They with great difficulty overcame the qualifying tournament and took the third place only. The Argentineans don`t make an impression in friendly matches either — defeat from the modest team of Nigeria with score 2:4 became a big surprise. Perhaps, in the World Cup we will see a more purposeful team, but so far the ceiling of the Argentineans is getting into the play-off.

And here the Spain national football team seems to be underestimated by Betting Companies. The Spaniards recovered from their failures in the tournaments 2014 and 2016, full of desires to repeat their success of 2008-2012 again. The Red Fury played perfectly in the qualifying tournament where didn’t leave a chance to the opponents, including the terrible Italians. In our opinion, Spain, along with the teams of France and Germany, is included into the three main favourites of the forthcoming World Cup.

France, the vice-champion of Euro 2016, is an obvious contender to the medals of the World Cup in Russia. The Tri-colors show an excellent attacking football and have two dozens of young starts striving for victories. Kylian Mbappe, Antoine Griezmann, Kingsley Coman are standing out. Nevertheless, we will note one moment — sometimes the French weaken their concentration and play extremely moderate games. They lost in the qualifying tournament to the Sweden national football team, and at home they drew a tie with the team of Luxembourg.

Unlike the French, the Germany team shows the high class for the last four years. After the victory in the 2014 World Cup, the Germans won also the 2017 FIFA Confederations Cup where they acted as a reserve team, the bronze medals of Euro 2016 where they lost to the hosts in the semi-final and also won all 10 matches of the qualifying tournament of the World Cup. Germany is the only country in the world where about 30-40 equivalent football players apply to get into the national team. Germany will be the main favourite in the World Cup in Russia.

Betting Companies put a stake on the first place of the Brazil national football team. In our opinion, it is not an absolutely right decision. Yes, the Brazilians are very strong — they confidently won the qualifiers and secured a berth at the World Cup ahead of schedule. In the squad the most expensive player of the world Neymar plays, as well as a few very competitive footballers. But the today’s Brazil national football team gives way to Germany, and France, and Spain both in the players selection and in the game discipline.

Considering the teams victory quotations offered by a Betting Companies, we recommend you to take four variants — victories of Germany, Spain, France and Belgium.

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