2018 FIFA Quaterfinal Predictions

2018 FIFA Quaterfinal Predictions

2018 FIFA World Cup Russia

The Winner:France
Dates:14 June — 15 July 2018

Let`s continue monitoring the preliminary 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia odds, and in this article we consider the odds on the teams to get to the quarter-final. We would like to remind that getting in the eight strongest teams demands to take one of the two first places in the group and then beat the opponent in the round of last 16.

The odds on getting in the eight are as follows:

Team Odds
Brazil Brazil 1.50
Germany Germany 1.50
Spain Spain 1.50
France France 1.50
Argentina Argentina 1.57
Belgium Belgium 1.57
England England 1.73
Portugal Portugal 1.73
Colombia Colombia 2.87
Uruguay Uruguay 2.87
Russia Russia 3.25
Croatia Croatia 3.25
Poland Poland 3.75
Switzerland Switzerland 4.50
Denmark Denmark 5.00
Mexico Mexico 5.50
Sweden Sweden 6.50
Serbia Serbia 8.00
Japan Japan 8.00
Egypt Egypt 10.00
Peru Peru 10.00
Senegal Senegal 10.00
Iceland Iceland 12.00
Nigeria Nigeria 13.00
Marocco Marocco 15.00
Tunisia Tunisia 15.00
Costa Rica Costa Rica 17.00
South Korea South Korea 17.00
Australia Australia 21.00
Iran Iran 21.00
Panama Panama 26.00
Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia 41.00

So, we are not going to consider seriously the last ten teams in this list. It is obviously that Saudi Arabia and Panama will be likely outsiders of the groups. Morocco and Iran will compete for the third place only (it is difficult to believe in victories of these teams over the Portugal and Spain national football teams).

Mexico, Sweden and South Korea will fight for the second place in Group F (hardly the German national football team unbeaten in official matches for two years will miss the first place). In the round of last 16 one of these teams will meet with the winner of Group E which almost for certain will become the Brazil national football team. Whether any of the above-mentioned national teams will manage to outplay the five-time World Cup Champions?

The tit-for-tat situation develops in Group E. There is an obvious favourite (Brazil) in this quartet, and three remained teams (Switzerland, Costa Rica, Serbia) will play for the second place, then they for certain will play with the Germany national football team. Getting of any of these teams into the quarter-final will make a big sensation.

The odds of getting into the quarter-final for the teams in Group A are not very good. From the three Russia, Uruguay, Egypt only the South Americans will be able to win out, as an equal, against Spain or Portugal in the play-offs.

Also, we cannot recommend betting on getting into the quarter-final of those teams which rates are obviously underestimated. We will carry the national teams of Argentina and England to those. The Argentineans with great difficulty overcame the qualifying round, sometimes they showed a mumbling game. Not better situation was for the team in friendly matches. For example, the South Americans lost to the experimental squad of the Nigeria national football team. Of course, the chance of Messi and the partners to get into the quarter-final is quite good, but we cannot recommend to bet on this event for 1.57.

Another team which we advise to keep away from is the England national football team. Yes, the British breezed through qualification and bring to Russia the team sounding in names. Also, the draw was kind to the ancestors of football and defined such teams as Panama and Tunisia in the group. Among possible opponents on the round of last 16 there are Japan, Poland, Senegal and Colombia. However, we remember how the British regularly cannot cope with their average opponents in final tournaments. In 2016 England lost in the round of last 16 to the modest team of Iceland, in 2014 they couldn't leave the group and lost to Costa Rica, and in 2010 they lost in the round of last 16 to the German national football team. We won't be surprised if this time the British stumble already at the round of last 16.

Now about those who will receive the deserved and guaranteed place in the eight strongest national teams. The ideal calendar for four national teams in their great shape and received quite passable opponents on the draw. It is about the national teams of Brazil, France, Germany and Belgium.

Over the last two years, Germany won a victory at the Confederations Cup and won all matches of the qualifying tournament. In total for two years, Germans had 27 matches in which they lost only once. At the group stage the powerful German national football team had such opponents as the national teams of Sweden, Mexico and South Korea. With due respect, no one of these national teams can compete with the Bundesteam for the first place in the table. In case of the win in the group, they highly likely will play with one of three teams: Serbia, Switzerland and Costa Rica.

Similar situation with team of Brazil. In their quartet the five-time World Cup Champions must bypass in the table the Serbians, Swisses and Costa Ricans, and in the round of last 16 they must beat any team of Group F (Sweden, Mexico, Korea).

A simple situation for the Belgium national football team. The opponents of the Belgians are Tunisia and Panama and the unstable England national football team. The Belgians must reach the play-offs where they will be waited by one of teams in Group H: Poland, Japan, Senegal or Colombia. The Belgians must beat any of these national teams.


If to sum up the aforesaid, we allocate four national teams with the best odds to get into the eight strongest teams: Belgium, Germany, France and Brazil. Three of four winning odds on these outcomes will give plus to a player betting on these events. In addition, we cannot recommend to bet on two teams from the favourites England and Argentina. Besides, we consider interesting the odds on the sensational getting into the quarter-final of one team of Groups C and H (Senegal, Colombia, Japan, Peru, Denmark, Poland).

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