Group H — the Draw Analysis & Predictions

Group H — the Draw Analysis & Predictions

2018 FIFA World Cup Russia

The Winner:France
Dates:14 June — 15 July 2018

The following teams will perform in Group H:

1. Colombia, South America, the 4th place in the qualifying tournament

  • The 13th position in the FIFA ranking *
  • The FIFA World Cup — quarterfinal (2014)
  • The Copа America — the winner (2001)

2. Poland, Europe, the 1st place in Group F

  • The 7th position in the FIFA ranking *
  • The FIFA World Cup — the 3rd place (1974, 1982)
  • The UEFA European Championship — quarterfinal (2016)

3. Senegal, Africa, the 1st place in Group D

  • The 23rd position in the FIFA ranking *
  • The FIFA World Cup — quarterfinal (2002)
  • The African Cup of Nations — the 2nd place (2002)

4. Japan, Asia, the 1st place in Group B

  • The 57th position in the FIFA ranking *
  • The FIFA World Cup — round of last 16 (2002, 2010)
  • The AFC Asian Cup — the winner (1992, 2000, 2004, 2011)

* position of a team in the FIFA ranking as of December, 2017.

After the draw, Group H turned out the most unpresentable in names, but it can become the most combative. In the group there are no obvious favourites, therefore all four teams will straggle for getting into the play-offs. Betting Companies assess odds of the teams to win and leave the group as follows:

Team Round of last 16 getting odds First place in the group odds
Colombia national football team Colombia 1.38 2.45
Poland national football team Poland 1.58 2.85
Senegal national football team Senegal 2.45 5.50
Japan national football team Japan 2.60 7.50

At struggle for the first two lines in the table, Betting Companies identify two national teams — Colombia and Poland, while Senegal and Japan are the group outsiders. In our opinion it is a mistake.

The Poland national football team takes the record seventh position in the FIFA ranking completely deserved in two last qualifying tournaments. “The white and reds” are a strong European national team which has in its squad one of the strongest forwards of the world — Robert Lewandowski. But that will be that, the Poland national football team have not achieved a great success for many years (the maximum achievement — getting into quarterfinal in the 2016 UEFA European Championship).

We can say the same about the Colombian team too. The South American national team secured a berth at the World Cup final only in the last tour, and throughout the whole qualifying tournament showed an unstable game.

Senegal, like any African national team, is a puzzle team which can both fail the tournament completely and present a sensation. The strength point of the Senegalese is their physical condition and athleticism. The Japan national football team is, first of all, strong with their nature and discipline.

Considering that Betting Companies make bet on Senegal and Japan leaving as above 2.00, we recommend to take these two bets — at least one of these teams can get through into round of last 16 which will already provide a win of the bet.

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