2017 Fans' guide

2017 Fans' guide

2017 FIFA Confederations Cup

The Winner:Germany
Dates:17 June — 2 July 2017

This article shortly answers the key questions of football fans wishing to arrive to Russia to watch the Confederations Cup which will be held from June 17 to July 2, 2017 in four cities: Saint Petersburg, Moscow, Sochi and Kazan.

Match tickets

First what everyone wishing to visit the Confederations Cup in Russia needs to take care of is purchase of football tickets. The tournament tickets went on sale on the FIFA official website in November, 2016 in three stages. On the last stage tickets will be available until the latest match of the Confederations Cup. We strongly discourage you to buy tickets privately or from the third persons. The matter is that within the fight against football hooligans and speculators, the match tickets are individual and acquired only according to the passport information of the ticket holder. Besides, while buying the ticket everyone to visit the stadium has to get the FAN ID on the special website www.fan-id.ru.

Entry into Russia

The decision on visa-free entry into Russia for the tournament period for all fans who bought ticket sand also received the FAN ID became a pleasant surprise from FIFA and the Government of Russia. Thus, each fan who bought a ticket on the official FIFA website and received the FAN ID will be able to enter Russia only according to the passport.

Besides, another bonus is provided for FAN ID holders. The organisers promise to launch free shuttles between the host cities of the Confederations Cup, and each FAN ID holder will get the shuttle ticket.

To reach host cities won't make any problems. All four cities have modern airports and the developed network of regular aviation flights. Look for cheap air tickets here.


The host cities for the Confederations Cup are chosen not incidentally. Today all four cities have the best degree of readiness to hold a big tournament among the cities of Russia, and also have experience in world-class events. Besides, Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Kazan and Sochi are the most comfortable and well-fixed cities in Russia.

Saint Petersburg, where the Confederations Cup final will take place, enters the five of the most attractive for tourists cities of the world. The most northern million city will please the tournament guests with the well preserved historic center, as well as the suburbs where the Russian Tsars Palaces are located.

Sochi is the main seaside town in Russia located in the subtropics on the coast of the Black Sea surrounded with picturesque mountains from three sides. The Confederations Cup is going to be the second big tournament for Sochi for the last three years. In February, 2014 the city hosted the Winter Olympic Games and for that purpose renovated the tourist infrastructure completely. Today, the comfort level of Sochi meets the best world places of resort.

Kazan is a million city located 700 kilometers from Moscow on the Volga River. It is the capital of the Republic of Tatarstan. The city is unique due to the fact that two cultures and two peoples, Russians and Tatars, historically peacefully coexist, and Islamic mosques are built near orthodox churches. Kazan has its thousand-year history and it is considered one of the most ancient cities in Russia.

Moscow is the capital of Russia and the largest city in Europe. Moscow is the largest financial, logistic and tourist center of Russia.

For more details about each city hosting the Confederations Cup matches you can refer to our special review articles.


Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Kazan and Sochi have the most developed tourist infrastructure in Russia. In each city you can choose any hotel room from a president suite to a hostel bed. The bed minimum cost for the period of the Confederations Cup will start from 30 euros a night. The most expensive hotels wait for you in Saint Petersburg. More detailed accommodation information you can find in our special reviews on each city:

Mobile network and Internet

Mobile network and the Internet are well developed in the territory of the large cities. The cost and quality of communication services will pleasantly surprise guests of the Confederations Cup. In more detail how it is correct to choose a tariff, read in our special article.

Medical Сare

In Russia there are two private and state medical centers. The emergency aid is delivered free of charge irrespective of each citizenship and health insurance availability. It is possible to call an ambulance on emergency phone number 112.


Undoubtedly, thetournament safety will be on its ensured top-level. The experience of large tournaments in Russia showed that the intelligence agencies professionalism allows to minimize risk of acts of terrorism and mass riots.

Street crime in Russia is on a rather high level, however, it is safety enough to walk in the central part of host cities at any time. If your hotel is located in a bedroom district, then we recommend to use a taxi service.

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